I have had a passion for woodworking as early as I can remember.  As a very young boy, I would go into my dad’s workshop and just start cutting things with his saws and pound nails into anything that didn’t move.  When I was about seven years old I wanted a GI Joe jeep for my birthday really bad.  When I didn’t get one, I decided to build one out of wood.  I found some wood and four old wheels from a broken Tonka Truck and just started creating.  When it was finished, I realized that it was actually cooler than the one at the store.  I spent fifteen years as a carpenter and during my lifetime I have built everything from homes to furniture to projects with my kids.

My love of working with kids has come from the past 20 years of coaching little league baseball. When my oldest son was six, the league said “if some of you parents don’t step up and volunteer, some of these kids won’t play”. Being naive about the whole little league thing I said, “I’ll coach”.  I have been hooked on it ever since.  I really enjoy working with kids and helping them to develop skills whether it’s baseball or wood projects.  It’s just plain fun!

I created The Woodshop program not only to fulfill my passion but also to give back to the community something that is missing in the lives of kids today.  That is the opportunity to build things with their own two hands.  I had a passion for it as a kid and I look forward to sharing my passion, knowledge and experience with a generation of kids who need to unplug themselves and pound some nails instead.

Bob Cardosa